Create Your Unique Custom Cake.

We start by choosing a buttercream or fondant finish...

Our cakes are priced first by the serving. Tell us how many guests you need to feed, and we will custom build a cake the right size.


$6.25/ serving

$6.25/ serving


$6.75/ serving

$6.75/ serving

Then we will add decoration.

We charge a flat decoration fee based on how complicated the design you choose is.

Sculpted Cakes

Sculpted cakes are a fun way to add some drama to your event. Prices for sculpted cakes depend on the final design.

Depending on the shape, we may determine that you will need a larger cake than you may otherwise need without a sculpted design. This would maintain proportions of the finished product.

An estimate will be given based on any photos you can send us.

Custom 3D Figures

We can make and design edible 3D figures for your cakes as well. They are charged in addition to the decoration fee because of the time they take to create.

Most 3D figures fall in the $45-$50 range.

Additional Details:

Please plan to pick-up all of your celebration treats from our home studio. Pick-up time will be coordinated during your ordering process.

Our treats all taste best at room temperature unless otherwise instructed. Please do not put your cake in the refrigerator when you get home, it may damage the decorations or cause the cake to taste stale.