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Whether you are planning a wedding or another special celebration, there are a few details that we will need.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We get a lot of questions emailed every day about our cakes. Hopefully we can answer a few that you might have about our sweets below.

If I've missed something, please feel free to email and ask.

Your question might even make it to the wall!

Will you provide the flowers for my wedding cake?
No, we are not flower savy. Any and all fresh flowers that you would like on your cake need to be provided by your florist. Just let them know that you are planning to use fresh flowers on the cake and to leave them on the cake table. We will arrange them on the cake when we get there to set everything up.
How far ahead should I place my order?

Man, the earlier the better we always say! We are a small cakery, which means we book quickly. We tend to book up at least two weeks in advance. We can usually accommodate every request, but we always recommend being the first name on the schedule. That way we won't have to limit what we can accomplish for you!

A two month minimum lead time for wedding orders, and a two week minimum lead time for all other custom cake and treat orders is highly recommended.

Do you have allergen free options? (Gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free)

We are in the process of adding our first Gluten Free cake option to the menu, our Gluten Free Party will be a vanilla confetti cake with vanilla buttercream.

We currently do not offer any dairy-free, or egg-free options for our cakes. We are working on recipes to add to our menu, but we do not have any perfected yet.

If you have nut concerns, the only cake flavors that would even possibly be of concern are the PBC (peanut butter) and our Karat cake has the option of pecans. Our cakes are not cross contaminated but please let us know if you have a nut allergy so we can make a note on your order!

I’m looking for a specific cake design, can you make it?
The short answer is yes. We can usually recreate a cake from any ideas you may have found. Even if you are just looking for a quote on a cake you have found, please fill out the form for either Wedding or Celebration. Please email a copy of the photo to info@studiosweetsca.com. We will be able to match your form up with the photo to know exactly how big the cake will need to be and when you would need it by... that way we can send you the most accurate quote for the finished cake.
Do you offer “other” treats? (Dessert Bar)
We recently started expanding our dessert bar offerings to include additional items including chocolate dipped oreos, decorated sugar cookies, and others. If you are looking for dessert bar items for your event, please note that on your inquiry form and we can send additional information on what we currently offer and pricing.
Do you offer sheet cakes?

Traditional "sheet" cakes are 1 layer of cake (no filling) and then frosted. We do not offer a traditional "sheet" of cake. We can make you a rectangular cake for however many guests you are looking to feed. The difference in our rectangular cakes is that you'll get multiple layers of cake and filling before it's all wrapped up in frosting. Trust us... it's better this way! Our custom cakes, no matter the shape, are all priced per serving. Please see the pricing tab for more information.

For weddings, we can offer kitchen cakes. These cakes are the same as offered above; rectangular cakes that will have multiple layers of cake and filling. Kitchen cakes are frosted and have a simple border, they will not receive additional decoration. They are intended to supplement your order and to be given directly to your caterer. Pricing is available on the Wedding Details link.

I’m looking for a cake flavor not listed on the menu, will you make it for me?
No, we do not take special flavor requests. We feel we have perfected our menu to be consistantly fantastic. You can be certain that each time you order from us it will be the same and just as good as the time before. We will continue to work on new recipes and add new flavors to the menu as we come across things we love.
Can I have more than one cake flavor?

Absolutely! If we are building you a tiered cake, each tier can be a different flavor. If you are considering having multiple flavors, I suggest checking with your venue to make sure they are not going to charge you an additional cutting fee for additional flavors. Some venues will only allow up to two flavors.

If we are doing a custom cake for you, we can still do different flavors if you are having different tiers to your cake. However, we are not able to split a single cake into multiple flavors.Yes... we have received that request before.

Do you have minimum orders?
The only minimums that we have are on some of our smaller items. Cupcakes, cakebites, and custom sugar cookies all have a minimum order of 12.
Will my cake/cupcakes/cakebites come with a stand to put them on?

No, we do not automatically include a stand with our orders. Celebration orders are boxed up for you and ready for pick-up, you will need to provide your own way to display everything.

For our wedding orders, you have the option to rent equipment from us if you would like. We have an assortment of stands to fit any need. There is a rental fee of $25 per stand and a deposit of $50 that will be refunded to you once the stand(s) are returned.

I’m getting married outside, will my cake hold up?
Yes, your cake should be just fine! There will be additional details we will need to get regarding the venue and delivery timing, but it usually is not a problem. If it is a major concern, discuss first with your venue whether they might have somewhere the cake can be kept and if they would be willing to move it outdoors a little later on... like after the sun goes down.
Do you have additional fees then what’s listed on your site?

We do our best not to hide "fees" anywhere. Your delivery and set-up costs are "baked" into the cost of your final cake total. There is a fee for our cake tastings, but we are up front with the charge and it is removed from your invoice once you book your event with us.

The prices listed on our site are base prices only, there will be an additional charge added for the complexity of decoration you choose to go with.

The only other additional charge you may incur during your ordering process is if you choose to rent equipment from us (i.e. cake stands, platters). In which case, there is a $50 deposit and a $25 day of rental fee. Your deposit is fully refunded once the stand is returned.

How do I set up a consultation?

We love the getting to meet you part!! Our consultations are generally reserved only for our weddings and larger celebrations. We are happy to make an exception if you would like to book a tasting for any other event you are planning, just email us for information on how to do that.

For our Wedding couples looking to book your consultation, please fill out the wedding form from HERE and we will send you additional information on how to book a tasting once we receive the form.

Do you ship your cakes?
The short answer is unfortunately no. We currently do not have the crazy jedi ability to ship our cakes or cupcakes and have them end up looking like they should at the other end.
What is fondant?

Fondant is a pliable sugar dough... think edible play dough! It is generally used to cover the exterior of wedding cakes, but makes a great medium to make cupcake toppers and figures.

I use commercial grade fondant and gum paste from Albert Uster Imports, I do not use homemade fondant.

Blech… I hate fondant!

We understand! We get a lot of customers who are adamant that they do not want fondant on their cake. We can absolutely design a cake within your theme without using fondant, but hear us out.

Not all fondant is terrible. It's true! We use an imported fondant from Switzerland that actually tastes pretty darn amazing. We also roll our fondant much thinner than other places which means you will not end up with a mouth full of fondant and no delicious cake. All of our cakes get a lovely layer of buttercream and then a thin layer of fondant over the top. We just thought we should set the record straight.

What forms of payment do you accept?
We can accept cash, personal check, all major credit cards, and paypal. Credit cards are processed through PayPal's system... although you do not need a paypal account to do so.
Do your items contain allergens (nuts/soy/egg/milk/gluten)?

All cakes and baked treats will contain egg, milk, and gluten unless otherwise specified.

Only our PB&C (peanut butter) and Karat cake (optional pecans) would contain any nut products.

What does fondant taste like?
Fondant tastes similar to the center of an oreo cookie. Very sweet like frosting, but slightly chewy. Children love to eat it... but then it's pure sugar, so no real surprise there. It's used primarily on the exterior of cakes or in figure making. On the exterior of your cake, it will only be a very thin layer. Most guests don't mind eating it in small amounts, but it is easy for guests to remove if they'd prefer.
Where do you operate from?
Studio Sweets is a local business based out of Fairfield, California. I operate as a licensed and registered Cottage Food Operation in Solano County. What this means is that I am a home based business that has been certified and licensed by the County and State and operate in compliance with all environmental health regulations and safe operating practices.
How can you sell licensed and copyright material?
Studio Sweets offers all licensed material and characters through licensing permissions purchased from and granted by my vendors. The images come directly from my vendors, the studio does not claim ownership of any of the copyright materials offered.
Can I purchase your items online?
Currently, we don't have anywhere directly online that you can purchase our items. We have plans to introduce an e-shop here on the main site in the next year or so... these things take time after all, and we're currently busy baking up your masterpieces!
Will your business donate its products?
All of our items are made to order so we typically only make what we need. We do not have overage like a lot of other bakeries who use the product they still have at the end of the day to make their donations. We do like to help out in our community and have, in the past, donated to events like football banquets for our local high school. We limit the number of donations we are able to accommodate in a year, but we are happy to hear from you to discuss whether we can help.
Are you hiring?

I'm flattered that you would ask... no really... I TRULY am! We currently are not looking for any additional help at the moment. But we are a growing company and who knows what the future will bring. If our needs should change, opportunities will be published to a new tab with information on how you can tell us how awesome you are!