Terms and Conditions

Information regarding payment, refund, shipping, and storage.


I currently accept PayPal, cash, check and all major credit cards. All local orders will be invoiced and emailed to guests within 48 hours of placing your order. Your invoice is due at time of delivery or pick-up without exception.

Wedding orders require a 50% deposit to reserve your date. The remaining balance on your order is due 7 days prior to your wedding date. Invoices will reflect your initial deposit and will have a clear due date listed.

Invoices may be paid online via paypal or credit, or dropped off at the Studio at your convenience. We now have a locked drop box by the front door for you to leave your deposit if we aren't available to meet with you.

Your wedding cake will not be left at your venue if you have an outstanding balance.


For cake and cupcakes: Your items will taste best at room temperature. In most cases, you should leave your items in their box and sitting on the counter until you are ready to serve. Some instances will be exceptions and you will be instructed of such on pick-up or delivery. Cupcake boxes can be wrapped in saran wrap if serving the next day, this will prevent your cupcakes from drying out.

For Fondant Toppers: Your cupcake toppers will arrive in vacuum sealed packaging to keep them fresh. Please keep these packages in a cupboard and away from direct light or extreme temperatures as both can cause your items to become discolored or damaged.

3D figures should not be stored in the refrigerator or freezer. Please note that light and moisture will change the consistency and colors of your items. They should be stored in a dark, safe place until they will be used.


Please include the date you'll need your items by when inquiring about an order. I will ship your items approximately 7 days before your listed event to ensure their arrival. This allows better prioritization for me as well as to prevent them from sitting around your home and getting broken.

I ship all items using USPS Priority Mail. If you are looking for another delivery method, or you'd like to schedule a faster delivery option, please contact me before placing your order to discuss shipping method.

I do ship some items internationally. Once items leave the Studio, they generally will take 7-10 business days to reach you. I account for this shipping time when creating your orders and when they leave the studio so they will still arrive by the date you specify when you place your order.

Once your package has shipped, I have no control over it. I do not hold responsibility for inclement weather delaying mail delivery in your area or somewhere in the shipping route.

I do my best to carefully package your items. They are made of sugar and can be fragile, please take care when un-packaging them to avoid damage.


All items are edible and therefore non-returnable.

In the highly unlikely event that something happens, I insure all of my packages. If something arrives destroyed due to package mishandling by the postal service, I'll do my best to get you a replacement ASAP. If the replacement requires overnight shipping, however, I am not responsible for the extra cost. If you choose not to have the items replaced, the postal insurance claim will be processed through your name-you will get the refund not me.

With that in mind, there will sometimes be a piece dislodged during normal shipping. Although I will pack your items securely, this is unfortunately a risk you take with shipping sugar. For fondant items, a little water or simple syrup (equal parts sugar and boiling water) will put everything back together. Three dimensional figures are especially risky items to ship. I pack them with the utmost care, but I unfortunately am not able to hand delivery every item. Please take care when unwrapping fragile items.